Staff - Physical Therapy at Dedham Health (2023)

Meet Our Physical Therapy Staff

Stephanie Schwartz, PT, MPT, CSCS | Clinical Director Graston | Certified Practitioner

Staff - Physical Therapy at Dedham Health (1)Stephanie is the Clinical Director and has been with Dedham Health Physical Therapy since 2000. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at Umass-Amherst and then went on to graduate from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia with her Master’s in Physical Therapy in 1998. She did her clinical training with NEBH, working and learning from some of the best orthopedic therapists and surgeons in the region. She is trained in many hands-on manual therapy techniques including 4 levels of Maitland Joint Mobilization, Myofascial Release, Hersh Method for SI dysfunction, Strain-Counterstrain, Graston Technique and Kinesiotaping techniques. Stephanie is a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor, and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). She specializes in Orthopedic Physical Therapy, including sports and work related injuries and uses her background in all of the evaluations and treatment plans.

When Stephanie is not treating her patients or troubleshooting clinical challenges, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Brian. They stay busy with their two sons, Aden and Trevor. You can also find them walking or playing with their young husky, Stormi.

Stephanie Schwartz, Clinical Director

Stephen Minard, MS, PT, Senior Staff, Manager

Staff - Physical Therapy at Dedham Health (2)Stephen is the lead clinician of the Back to Life Physical Therapy Center. He received his Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Simmons College and worked in private practice before joining Physical Therapy at Dedham Health & Athletic Complex in 2000.

He has evaluated and treated thousands of patients with a variety of conditions related to neck and back pain. He has a close working relationship with many doctors in the area and truly enjoys helping people get better. Steve has ties to the community as he has grown up, gone to school, and continues to work and live in Dedham. He enjoys working out and spending quality time with his wife and 2 boys.

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Stephen Minard, PT Manager

Brian Sickorez, MPT, Senior Staff

Staff - Physical Therapy at Dedham Health (3)Brian graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine from Radford University. He went on to further his education at Nova Southeastern University receiving his Master’s degree in Physical Therapy. Brian specializes in orthopedic sports rehabilitation.

He frequently participates in CEU courses some of which include Maitland peripheral and Spinal mobilization, Back to Golf, shoulder and lumbar spine and Kinesiotaping. His interests include golfing, kayaking and hiking. Trained in the Graston Technique.

Brian Sickorez, MPT, Senior Staff

William Lachance, Senior PT Supervisor

Staff - Physical Therapy at Dedham Health (4)William Lachance is a licensed physical therapist in the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island who works with individuals with musculoskeletal dysfunctions to assist in achieving their goals. Whether it is diagnosing a specific cause for and treating musculoskeletal symptoms, helping you recover from an injury, helping you recover from an operation or return to the sport, William will apply his 10 years of experience and knowledge to help you realize your goals and recover faster. William believes the first step, and most important, is educating patients about their diagnosis and symptoms. Pain is something we all experience at some point and try to avoid. Pain, especially chronic pain, also changes behavior and so educating patients early on is very important in order to avoid exacerbating factors and reduce apprehension.

William practices compassion and altruism when working with patients, keeping their best interest in mind. William dedicates much of time with continuing education courses because he wants the best care for his patients and believes that complacency is the enemy of themselves. William is certified in functional dry needling which is a technique used to treat myofascial pain and trigger points.

William holds a B.S in biology from The University of Rhode Island and an M.S in physical therapy from The University of Hartford. In his free time, William likes to eat all types of food and cultural dishes. Because William enjoys eating so much, he spends a lot of time in the gym to burn all of those calories. William also enjoys reading and his favorite authors are Oscar Wilde and Mary Shelley. William’s favorite comic hero is Batman and he believes that D.C. Comics have way better storylines than Marvel (with the exception of the movies because Infinity War was tight!!!

William Lachance, Senior PT Supervisor

Angelo Balsamo, PT, CEAS

Staff - Physical Therapy at Dedham Health (5)Angelo Balsamo, PT, CEAS is a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston, MA. He has over 20 years of experience working in outpatient settings. He spent the first 9 years of his career working in industrial rehab, where he was trained in the Roy Matheson approach of implementing work hardening and work conditioning programs. His last 15 years has been spent in private practice treating patients with various musculoskeletal, orthopedic, neurological and vestibular conditions. He is a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist (CEAS). In his spare time he enjoys attending his daughters’ sports, dance and gymnastics events as well as traveling with his family. His hobbies include golf and fishing.

Angelo Balsamo, PT, CEAS

Robin Guilfoy, PTA

Staff - Physical Therapy at Dedham Health (6)Robin received a Bachelor of Science from Stonehill College in 1993. She continued her education at Lasell College and received an Associate in Science degree as a physical therapist assistant in 1998. After graduating she worked in the inpatient department at Children’s Hospital Boston for 2 years.

Robin became a PTA in the Spine Center/Back to Life program in 2000 where she motivates and inspires patients to achieve their full functional potential through supervised and independent exercise programs. Robin also enjoys exercising, sewing and spending time with her family.

Robin Guilfoy, PTA

Bre Vacca, PTA

Staff - Physical Therapy at Dedham Health (7)Breanna received a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Keene State College in 2014 and her associates in Physical Therapist Assistant from New England Institute of Technology in 2018.

Bre has 12+ years experience as a gymnastics coach and still currently coaching at Elite Gymnastics Academy. Bre started a high school gymnastics team 5 years ago for her hometown high school in Medway. Currently still coaches the Medway/Holliston/Millis High School Gymnastics team. In her spare time she enjoys doing Crossfit.

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Bre Vacca, PTA

Jeremie Hurd, PTA

Staff - Physical Therapy at Dedham Health (8)Jeremie graduated from University of Massachusetts Boston with a Bachelor’s in Exercise and Health Science in 2012 and graduated from North Shore Community College with an Associate’s in Physical Therapy Assistant in 2021. He has worked as an Exercise Physiologist at DHAC for about 7 years, helping clients achieve their personal fitness goals. Jeremie has a knack for working with patients of all ages, and enjoys helping people feel better and get their body moving in the most effective way possible. When not at work he enjoys hanging out with his wife and kids, lifting/working out, and riding his bike.

Jeremie Hurd, PTA

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Judy Hudson, PTA, Aquatic Specialist

Staff - Physical Therapy at Dedham Health (9)Judy earned her Associate Degree in Physical Therapy in 1997 at Fisher College in Boston. Her passion for helping people return to a pain-free active lifestyle was realized at Braintree Rehabilitation, aka (Healthsouth) where she practiced in sub-acute orthopedic and outpatient rehabilitation. Here she taught cardiac rehab education classes, wheelchair clinics, amputee gait training and amputee education. In addition, she ran a return to work-hardening program for injured employees. Also, a classically trained Peak Pilates teacher, she designed and taught a well-received Pilates core group exercise class for the return to work program. In 2004, Judy founded and directed Easton Pilates & Myofascial Release through 2018. Currently she operates in Foxboro MA. She is a certified John Barnes Myofascial Therapist and specializes in manual fascial pain release.

An avid outdoor enthusiast, Judy loves hiking, backpacking, kayaking and horseback riding. A love of animals, especially horses and dogs, she enjoys treating 4 legged patients as much as her human patients. In her free time, she volunteers at a horse rescue farm with the Project Come Back Program for veterans with PTSD, which helps to heal trauma by connecting human and horses.

Judy Hudson, PTA, Aquatic Specialist

Brittany Reid, PTA

Staff - Physical Therapy at Dedham Health (10)Brittany received her Associates of Science in Physical Therapist Assistant from Quincy College in 2019. She is currently studying Science and Psychology at Northeastern University to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science.

During her time at Quincy College, Brittany completed one of her clinical experiences working in outpatient orthopedics. Brittany is very passionate about helping others reach their physical therapy goals and getting them back to doing the things they love. In her free time she enjoys spending quality time with her son, being outdoors or channeling her creativity with music, art and writing.

Brittany Reid, PTA

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