Pedestal Sink Storage (Cabinet & Shelving Ideas) – Designing Idea (2023)

In this guide we share pedestal sink storage ideas including some tips on how to add cabinets and shelves to create more space and aesthetics to your bathroom design.Pedestal Sink Storage (Cabinet & Shelving Ideas) – Designing Idea (1)A pedestal sink refers to a standalone sink that has been placed on a literal pedestal. There are a variety of sizes, designs, and features introduced throughout the years but the concept remains the same. It is a sink in a pedestal, which is capable of saving space inside the bathroom.

The pedestal sink is functional and simple, and since it saves a lot of space, it can be installed in small bathrooms. The pedestal sink storage, on the other hand, refers to the storage space installed near the pedestal sink.

This is important, especially since pedestal sinks are installed in smaller bathrooms. There are also a variety of ways you can actually add storage in your pedestal sink.

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How To Add Storage To A Pedestal Sink

Pedestal Sink Storage (Cabinet & Shelving Ideas) – Designing Idea (2)Adding storage to a pedestal sink can be accomplished in many ways and you can even make the most out of your sink if you are successful. But before you add that storage option you have in mind, what are the factors you need to consider first and plan for?

Size is an important factor to consider when planning for a pedestal sink storage. Pedestal sinks are mostly installed in small bathrooms because they save space.

And you can turn this saved space into a more innovative and functional storage space. Read more and get creative with our guide tosmall bathroom ideas.


Another factor to consider is the general design of the bathroom. When you choose how to make the most out of the space in the pedestal sink, make sure you won’t compromise the look and vibe you have going for your bathroom.

Some of the practical ways to make the most out of the pedestal sink storage space include:

• Making use of the flat top of your toilet

• Storing and propping behind the pedestal sink

• Storing and propping under the pedestal sink

Pedestal Sink Storage (Cabinet & Shelving Ideas) – Designing Idea (3)See this pedestal under sink storage cabinet at Amazon [sponsored link]

Pedestal Sink Storage Ideas

Pedestal Sink Storage (Cabinet & Shelving Ideas) – Designing Idea (4)Storage space is primarily practical and the aesthetic value only follows second to that. This goes the same way with pedestal sink storage.

However small your bathroom may be (considering pedestal sinks are mostly installed in small bathrooms), you would want it to look appealing and homey, besides being functional.

If you want a more specific tip on what you can do as pedestal sink storage, here are some things you can work with.

Pedestal Sink Storage Cabinet

Pedestal Sink Storage (Cabinet & Shelving Ideas) – Designing Idea (5)A pedestal sink storage cabinet is one way to make the most out of the storage space in your bathroom. You can keep your toiletries and other hygienic products inside the cabinet. Install the cabinet near or under the pedestal sink.

(Video) Pedestal Sink with Cabinet

You can even install it up against the wall or near your toilet. But make sure you pick a narrow cabinet to use. It may seem small but it can accommodate more stuff than you think.

DIY Pedestal Sink Storage Cabinet

Pedestal Sink Storage (Cabinet & Shelving Ideas) – Designing Idea (6)The difference between this option from the first one? Well, you get to make it! You can customize the pedestal sink storage cabinet, however way you want, from what it’s made from to its style.

With a DIY pedestal sink storage cabinet, you can save money and design the cabinet however you choose to.

Hang A Shelf

Pedestal Sink Storage (Cabinet & Shelving Ideas) – Designing Idea (7)Another option for pedestal sink storage is a shelf. You can easily install a shelf above the sink, which gives you additional storage and at the same time saves space and provides easy access to your hygienic needs (or whichever personal stuff you decide to keep in the cabinet).

You can choose a glass shelf, to add sophistication to your bathroom. A wooden shelf also works. It will be up to your preference.

Try Out Under Sink Shelving

Pedestal Sink Storage (Cabinet & Shelving Ideas) – Designing Idea (8)If the overhead shelf doesn’t work for you, maybe you can try under sink shelving. Shelves under the sink are perfect both for pedestal and wall-mounted sinks. Just make sure that the shelves

Pedestal Sink Storage (Cabinet & Shelving Ideas) – Designing Idea (9)See this under pedestal sink storage rack at Amazon [sponsored link]

Use Spice Racks

Another thing you can try out is to install spice racks above your pedestal sink. While cabinets are recommended for toiletries, spice racks are excellent for makeup storage. And of course, they make the most of the space you have above your pedestal sink!

Check Out Wooden or Plastic Baskets

Baskets can also be a good addition to your bathroom. Whether it is plastic, wooden, or wicker, baskets can also serve as additional storage. You can easily hang the basket on the wall but don’t hang too many baskets or else you will have clutter instead of having an organizer.

Add Curtains

And finally, curtains are used for more than just your windows. They can be used for storage too since they can conveniently hide storage under your pedestal sink.

(Video) 20 Clever Pedestal Sink Storage Design Ideas

The curtains create a clean and organized look for your bathroom. See our guide to the types of curtains here.

How Can I Make A Pedestal Sink Look Better?

Pedestal Sink Storage (Cabinet & Shelving Ideas) – Designing Idea (10)Adding a pedestal sink in your bathroom does not mean you give up the aesthetic value of your bathroom and focus on its functionality instead. It is a space-saving option but it can also be a sleek and stylish one.

You can make make a bathroom with pedestal sink look better through the following ways:

• Match a good mirror with the design of your pedestal sink (E.g. with vintage style sink, choose a vintage style mirror too)

• Make sure of functional but chic and unique accessories, including bars and towel rings

• Choose a stylish faucet that matches the design you have going in your bathroom

• Make the most out of your remaining space, including floor space and any other flat surfaces

• Try to customize your pedestal sink if you have the time to do so

• Use textiles, colors, and patterns to accent your pedestal sink

Can You Build A Vanity Around A Pedestal Sink?

The straight answer to this question is yes, you can build a vanity around a pedestal sink.

(Video) 15 Beautiful Bathrooms With Stylish Pedestal Sinks 🛋️

Pedestal sinks are chosen primarily for their space-saving feature. If you have a small bathroom and you’re thinking of whether to build a vanity or a pedestal sink, most would go for a pedestal sink for convenience and practical purposes.

If you plan to build a vanity around a pedestal sink for additional storage, you can do so. You will have to integrate a vanity with the same or complementing style and design with the pedestal sink and the bathroom in general.

This is where your creativity will be challenged! Read more on how to choose the right bathroom vanity size here.

How Do You Hide A Pedestal Sink?

Pedestal Sink Storage (Cabinet & Shelving Ideas) – Designing Idea (11)While the pedestal sink can be stylish, the main problem that comes with its design is that it also has snake-looking plumbing located under the sink. This is the area that you should hide for aesthetic purposes. How to hide this part of the pedestal sink?

Here are some ways to hide a pedestal sink:

• Create an under-the-sink cabinet that increases storage space and hides the plumbing

• Use a stand-alone folding screen

• Try out baskets under the sink

• Hide plumbing through oversized jars and vases

• Use curtains to hide the pipes

(Video) Bathroom Makeover 2022 with pedestal sink makeover cabinet

Visit our guide to the types of bathroom sinks for more content like this.


How do you build sink shelves? ›

Then I cut two short legs in this case the overall height of the shelving unit was about 12 inches.

Can you put a cabinet around a pedestal sink? ›

A pedestal sink storage cabinet is one way to make the most out of the storage space in your bathroom. You can keep your toiletries and other hygienic products inside the cabinet. Install the cabinet near or under the pedestal sink.

How do you hide a pedestal sink? ›

A cloth sink skirt kit can be easily attached to the basin of the pedestal sink. To find the one that fits your sink, measure the height of the sink and the bowl circumference. The curtain should wrap around the bowl and reach the floor to cover the area under the sink completely.

How do you assemble a pedestal sink? ›

How to Install a Pedestal Sink - YouTube

What type of mirror looks best with a pedestal sink? ›

Round and oval-shaped mirrors tend to soften a space and are a popular choice in baths featuring pedestal sinks because the curves of the mirror complement the curves found in many pedestals.

Are pedestal sinks good? ›

A Pedestal Sink is Easy to Maintain and Clean

Due to their streamlined and simple design, pedestal sinks provide easy maintenance and cleaning. Because they do not have countertops incorporated with the sink basin, they do not lend themselves to the typical clutter that can oftentimes plague this area of a bathroom.

Are pedestal sinks outdated? ›

The pedestal sink is a common fixture in bathrooms, and as such, it has evolved over the years to suit a more modern appeal. As opposed to many bathroom fixtures that new innovations have replaced, pedestals remain one of the most popular choices for any bathroom remodel because they're both durable and timeless.

Can I remove pedestal from sink? ›

The process of removing a pedestal sink prior to installing the new one in your floor space is quite simple. It entails shutting off the water supply lines, removing the mounting nuts, and safely moving it out of the way with some help.


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