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Your trusted Fontana plumbing company Anthony’s Plumbing company is based in Fontana CA. We have serviced Fontana and surrounding cities for over 20 years. Anthony’s Plumbing is the plumbers near you. Our great customer base are majority repeat customers that are happy with our affordable plumbing upfront prices and they recommend us to their family and friends. We have over 400 5-star reviews thanks to our great service and awesome customers.

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Plumbing Services in the Fontana Area:

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With over twenty years of Fontana plumbing experience, we are experts at providing
complete plumbing repairs and installation. Contact us 24/7 for:
Fontana Clogged Toilet
Fontana Drain Cleaning
Fontana Emergency Plumbing
• Fontana Faucet Repair
Garbage Disposal Installation
Garbage Disposal Repair
Fontana Hydro Jetting
Fontana Leak Detection
• Fontana Line Tracing and Locating
Fontana Repiping
Fontana Slab Leaks
Fontana Toilet Installation
Fontana Toilet Repair
Fontana Water Heater Installation
Fontana Water Heater Repair
Fontana Water Jetting

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With over twenty years of plumbing experience in Fontana, throughout the Inland Empire, Riverside County and Los Angeles County areas, we are experts at providing complete Fontana plumbing installation and repair services. When you are looking for a local plumber near me, we are your best option for Fontana plumbing.
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*Loans provided by EnerBank USA, Member FDIC, (1245 Brickyard Rd., Suite 600, Salt Lake City, UT 84106) on approved credit, for a limited time. Repayment terms vary from 24 to 132 months. Interest waived if repaid in 365 days. 17.99% fixed APR, effective as of November 1, 2020, subject to change. Interest starts accruing when the loan closes.

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*Loans provided by EnerBank USA, Member FDIC, (1245 Brickyard Rd., Suite 600, Salt Lake City, UT 84106) on approved credit, for a limited time. Repayment term is 60 months. 6.99% fixed APR. Minimum loan amounts apply. The first monthly payment will be due 30 days after the loan closes.

Fontana Plumbing Services We Offer

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Anthony's Plumbing is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the local Fontana community for over 20 years. We've seen it all! From fixing leaky faucets to installing water heaters, we know what you need when it comes to residential plumbing services. It doesn't matter if your sink is clogged or toilet won't stop running, we're here for you with 24/7 emergency service.

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Local Fontana Plumber [24/7 Response] (9)

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Clogged drains are something that most Fontana homeowners experience at least once in their lifetime. They can be caused by a variety of things, but there is no need to panic! One of the main culprits of clogged drains is hair. If you're not careful, your drain can get clogged up with hair as soon as it becomes wet from a shower or bath. It's important to take care not only when washing your hair, but also after shampooing or conditioning so that you don't end up with a problem later on down the line! People who wash their pets in the sink or bath tub have the same issue. Another common cause for clogs is grease buildup in kitchen sinks and garbage disposals. No matter what the cause, we are here to help you clean all the drains in your Fontana home or business.

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We’ve all been there, standing in the kitchen with a sink full of dishes and no more room for clean ones. You pour yourself a glass of wine to numb the pain and then you hear it: that dreaded sound of an overflowing garbage disposal. You know your sink is clogged but what do you do? Do you call out a Fontana plumber or take matters into your own hands and try to unclog it yourself? Not all clogs call for hydro jetting, and it’s good to know how to discern. Some clogs may be cleared using snaking, or other drain cleaning methods. If you have anything other than a minor clog, hydro jetting is generally your best and most effective option for clearing drains.

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The pipes that run throughout your house are the backbone of your Fontana home. They provide clean water and distribute it to every room in the house. If they start to leak, you could be in for some serious problems. The first thing to consider is that a leaky pipe can lead to mold growth, which will make you sick and damage your home's foundation or floors. In addition, leaks waste an exorbitant amount of water - about 10% of what you use! Finally, these leaks can cause major property damage if left unchecked. Not only will they rot out the walls around them but they'll also grow mold on any surfaces nearby - including furniture and carpeting. It's important not just for safety reasons but financial reasons as well to keep. If your pipes are leaking, it’s wise to seek an experienced Fontana leak detection service provider like Anthony's Plumbing to spot the exact location and mend the problem immediately.

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There is nothing quite as wonderful as coming home to a hot shower on a cold day. Unfortunately, the water heater that makes this possible can be forgotten about quickly and not maintained properly. If your water heater has been around for more than 6 years, it may need replacing soon. You don't want to get stuck with a broken water heater after all of the hard work you put into making your house comfortable! Another option is converting to a tankless water heater, if you haven't already. Fontana tankless water heaters provide hot water on demand and can usually save homeowners around 20% per year on their utility bills! If you are interested in exploring your options, give us a call for a free consultation.

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Every Fontana homeowner has had the experience of the garbage disposal not working. Have you ever experienced a clogged drain with an overflowing sink? If so, it is time to call your local experts for plumbing services. We are committed to providing complete repairs and replacement in order to fix your problem as quickly as possible! Every week, homeowners are faced with a common question: "Should I repair or replace my garbage disposal?" If you're wondering this too, please read on. We are experts at providing complete garbage disposal repairs and replacement to ensure your plumbing system is working properly. Don't just do something because it's the easy thing to do! When it comes to fixing or replacing your Fontana garbage disposal, we've got you covered.

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I need to tell you about this thing called "hard water deposits." What are they? Well, hard water deposits happen when your Fontana toilet is exposed to minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water. The end result is a clogged toilet and nobody wants that! From simple toilet repair to new toilet installation, Anthony's Plumbing has custom solutions to meet your needs. If you purchase your own toilet from Lowe's or Home Depot, we can install it for you. Just give us a call to schedule a time you'd like us to stop by.

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You might not have given your Fontana toilet a second thought since you installed it, but it has seen the same level of use and wear and tear as any major appliance in your home. Your toilet needs maintenance just like all other plumbing fixtures or appliances in your home. A little attention to detail on a regular basis can save you from more expensive repairs down the line. If you're not careful about what you put down the drain or flush away then that can lead to costly repairs!

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I'm not going to lie, copper re-pipes in Fontana are a big job. But they're also necessary and worth it in the long run. Copper is durable and resists corrosion better than other metals such as iron or steel for example, so you'll have peace of mind knowing your new pipes will last decades before needing any kind of repair again. Seriously though, I know it's nerve-wracking to think about tearing up your floors and walls just to replace some pipes under them but this is a once in a lifetime investment that will pay dividends down the road because you won't need any further pipe-related repairs for a very long time! So what are you waiting for? Call us today and schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

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The second most stressful thing after a fire is a water leak. Water leaks are scary because they can cause major damage in your home or building if not taken care of quickly. Here at Anthony's Plumbing, we want to help you and your family take control of the situation. We offer professional and prompt service where our team will be there for you when you need it most, as well as provide great advice on how to avoid future disasters so that you know what to do next time! Fontana slab leaks can cause widespread destruction in any home or building. Fortunately, we use the latest in Slab Leak Detection technology to look for these faults within the walls or underground. At Anthony's Plumbing, we make the customers’ needs our first priority. Contact us if you suspect slab leaks in your home.

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Fontana Emergency Plumbing

If you have never had to deal with a Fontana plumbing emergency, then consider yourself lucky. It's the kind of thing that can happen at any time and it always seems to be when you least expect it - like in the middle of the night or on a holiday weekend. It doesn't matter if your home is new or old; there are some things that will happen no matter what. One of those things is water leaking from the pipes underneath your sink or toilet, which could lead to mold growth and some other nasty problems down the line.

When you are looking for local Fontana plumbers near me and searching for reliable Fontana emergency plumbing services, there’s only one place to call: the experts at Anthony's Plumbing! We’re available day and night to solve your emergency plumbing issues, so give us a call today.

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Anthony's Plumbing is not your average family-owned and operated business. When it comes to commercial plumbing services in Fontana, Anthony knows what you need before you know! Whether he has to fix leaky faucets or install multiple water heaters, this father of four will do everything in his power for the sake of giving back to a community that has given him over 20 years worth of plumbing experience. No matter if your sinks are clogged or toilets won't stop running, call anytime for 24/7 Fontana emergency service.
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Fontana Custom Plumbing Installation

Did you purchase your own sink, toilet, water heater, shower, or garbage disposal and you need help with the installation? Call us today and we can install anything plumbing-related. Maybe you have a certain style you are going for and you need to match your existing bathroom or kitchen. While we can provide installation, for the purchase we recommend The Home Depot or Lowe's in Fontana.

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The Home Depot - North Fontana
16005 Sierra Lakes Pkwy
Fontana, CA 92336

Local Fontana Plumber [24/7 Response] (32)
Lowe's - North Fontana
16851 Sierra Lakes Pkwy
Fontana, CA 92336

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Some of our recent work in Fontana, California:Local Fontana Plumber [24/7 Response] (34)
Water heater replacement in Fontana 92336 by Mt Lewis Lane.
Plumber Technician Anthony V
For Nicole D.

Local Fontana Plumber [24/7 Response] (35)
Water heater straps in Fontana 92335 on Williams Road and Arrow Blvd.
- Installation of earthquake straps and gas flex line.

Local Fontana Plumber [24/7 Response] (36)
Replacement of new commercial Toilet in Fontana on Slover Ave. and Cherry Avenue. 92337.

Local Fontana Plumber [24/7 Response] (37)
Plumbing sewer main clog in Fontana 92335 on Whittram Avenue 92335
Plumber Anthony V
For Johnathan S.

Local Fontana Plumber [24/7 Response] (38)
New kitchen faucet and garbage disposal install in Fontana, CA 92335
by Williams Road and Arrow Blvd.
Plumber Technician Anthony V
For Carmen R.

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In addition, we offer:
• Fontana Bathroom Plumbing
• Fontana Commercial Plumbing Service
• Fontana Copper Repiping
• Fontana Drain Repair
• Fontana Drain Unclogging
• Fontana Electronic Leak Detection
• Fontana Emergency Plumber
• Fontana Faucets
• Fontana Faucet Installation
• Fontana Kitchen Plumbing
• Fontana Leaky Faucet Repair
• Fontana Mobile Home Plumbing
• Fontana Pipe Reroutes
• Fontana Plumber
• Fontana Plumber Near Me
• Fontana Plumbers Near Me
• Fontana Plumbing
• Fontana Plumbing Companies
• Fontana Plumbing Services
• Fontana Residential Plumbing
• Fontana Restaurant Plumbing Services
• Fontana Tankless Water Heater
• Fontana Tankless Water Heater Installation
• Fontana Tankless Water Heater Repair
• Fontana Toilet Replacement
• Fontana Video Sewer Inspection
• Fontana Water Heater Replacement
• Fontana Water Softener Installation
• Fontana Water Softener Repair

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Plumbing in Fontana. Safety first.

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Local Fontana Plumber [24/7 Response]? ›

What is classed as a plumbing emergency? ›

If a key fixture in your home is broken, leaving you unable to cook, clean or sanitise, you may have a plumbing emergency on your hands. If you can't isolate the broken fixture with valves and have to shut your main supply off, an emergency plumber can help you get your supply flowing again.

How do I find a good local plumber? ›

How to Find a Local Plumber You Can Trust
  1. Ask another tradesperson. ...
  2. Look for a trusted company. ...
  3. Plumbing Trade Associations. ...
  4. Ask friends and family. ...
  5. Search through directories and rating pages. ...
  6. Read reviews and testimonials. ...
  7. Compare rates and collect quotes over the phone.

What do you say when you call a plumber? ›

Here are a few things your plumbing company will need to know when you give them a call for services.
  1. Your Name And Address. ...
  2. Is It An Emergency? ...
  3. What Have You Done? ...
  4. When Are You Available? ...
  5. Get Through Your Plumbing Company Call Fast.

How quick can a plumber come out? ›

An emergency plumber is a plumber that drops what they are doing and comes to you in the shortest possible time to ratify your plumbing emergency. They can come to you as quickly as 30 minutes or less. Most aim to stay open 24 hours too.

How long does it take to get an emergency plumber? ›

An emergency plumbing call out can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours to be responded to. If you have a leak or a burst pipe, you can prevent further damage to your property by turning off your water supply.

How do you know if a plumber is qualified? ›

You can check our engineers credentials on the Gas Safe Register website.

How do I find a plumbing contractor? ›

How to Find a Good Plumber
  1. Word of Mouth. Word of mouth is the most trustworthy way to find a reputable plumber. ...
  2. Reviews and Ratings. After that, check out the review and rating sites—like Angie's List or Yelp or Google. ...
  3. Online Local Plumber Search. ...
  4. For All Plumbing Needs For The Following Areas.

How much do plumbers charge in Ontario? ›

Average Costs. On average, most plumbers will charge an hourly rate between $58 to $260 per hour. You can expect to pay a higher rate for a licensed professional plumber. They will cost anywhere from $104 to $170.

Is a blocked drain classed as an emergency? ›

3. Drain Flooding. Perhaps we don't need to tell you but drains that are flooded are a strong sign of a drainage emergency. Blocked drains and broken pipes commonly cause drain flooding and can have a drastic effect on your living situation, home interior and hygiene.

What does a call out fee cover? ›

A call-out charge is a charge for coming out to you which is on top of the cost of any work or repairs. So, for example, a plumber might charge you £100 for coming out to look at your faulty boiler and working out what the problem is.

Is a leaking toilet an emergency? ›

Other major leaks: Washing machine hoses, toilet overflows, and even gas line leaks all constitute an emergency call.

Do plumbers have to be registered? ›

Anyone working on just pipework such as fitting bathrooms, sinks, drainage or taps does not need to be registered or accredited to any standard, however it is highly recommended that at the very least they are CIPHE Accredited, as this ensures that they follow a code of professional standards and protects you the ...

Should plumbers be registered? ›

If you are looking for a plumber to carry out work only on water pipes such as fitting bathrooms, taps, sinks and drainage, there is no accreditation legally required. However, it is favourable to seek a plumber that has some accreditations as this shows they take their work seriously enough to have it checked.

What are the three main regulations that professional plumbers have to follow? ›

The three main requirements of the regulations are: Plumbing systems, water fittings and water using appliances must be installed and maintained to comply with the regulations. Contamination of drinking water must be prevented. Advance notice of plumbing installation work must be given.

Do plumbers do free quotes? ›

Most professional plumbers offer clients a free estimate, which means they will come to your house, look at the job, and quote you an estimated cost. Don't let a plumber give you a price over the phone without looking at the repair first, because any estimate given this way will most likely be inaccurate.

What is private plumber? ›

Private plumbing system means the plumbing located between the point of delivery and the point of use including pipes, conduits, tanks, receptacles, fixtures, equipment and appurtenances used to produce, convey, recycle, store, or use potable water on a customer's premises.

What do most plumbers charge per hour? ›

The Cost of Hiring a Plumber

Typically, plumbers are subject to an hourly rate, which is often between $45 and $200. Common repairs attract an average rate of $120. Some plumbers prefer a flat rate estimate as the variables involved in plumbing repair make it hard to have an hourly rate.

How much does a plumber make an hour in Ontario? ›

Plumbers (NOC 7251) usually earn between $17.05/hour and $45.00/hour in Ontario.

How much should it cost to have a toilet installed? ›

According to HomeAdvisor and Angi, toilet installation costs range from $224 to $532, with the national average at $372. The overall cost depends on the type of toilet and the complexity of the job. It takes approximately 2 to 4 hours for a plumber to install a toilet at a base rate of $65 per hour.

Why you should call a plumber? ›

Your Drains Won't Drain

Clogs are common in plumbing, from tubs and toilets to faucets indoor and out. Some of these clogs can be undone with a plunger and a little muscle. But if you can't unclog them after a little plunger work, or if there's a clog that consistently backs up, you should call a plumber.

When should you call a plumber for a clogged drain? ›

If you have more than one drain in your home that is backing up or there is a scent of sewage in the air, it's time to call the plumber out to snake your drain line as soon as possible. If you have tried the plunger and it isn't clearing the drain with vigorous plunging, you will need a plumber.

How do I shut off the water to my house without a tool? ›

How to Shut Off Main Water Supply Valve Without Special Tools

Can you negotiate an estimate? ›

When you gather estimates, you can always negotiate the cost of the project with any contractor. Many general contractors are willing to negotiate their prices and terms if they're competing for a job.

How do I stop being a plumber overcharging? ›

Call the customer service department of the plumber's agency to complain about the inflated bill or the low standard of work. If the plumber is self-employed, you can settle the dispute by yourselves. Offer to pay for the bill at the rate you have calculated or slightly above it.

How do you deal with price Hagglers? ›

Here's some quick ideas on how to dodge the bargain beat down.
  1. 1) Prepare answers for common objections. Sit down and think of a list of objections customers have hit you with over the last year. ...
  2. 2) Offer something besides a discount. ...
  3. 3) Offer multiple options. ...
  4. 4) Adjust the scope. ...
  5. 5) Target better customers.

What can cause water not to come out of faucet? ›

Clogged pipes are usually due to sediment build-up, which stops the flow of water. This build-up may be from limescale, rust, debris or heavy metal deposits. If you suspect that your pipes are blocked, you should call your plumber.

Is a plumbing leak considered an emergency? ›

One of the most critical plumbing emergencies, a burst pipe can release gallons of water in a matter of minutes, causing lasting damage to your home. If a pipe bursts in your home, shut off the main water supply immediately and call an emergency plumber.

Is a clogged toilet considered an emergency? ›

A clogged toilet or sink isn't considered an emergency. However, it becomes emergency maintenance in cases where it leads to the entire plumbing system getting clogged.

Is a water leak considered an emergency? ›

Rapid water leaks are considered a plumbing emergency. If your plumbing system is rapidly leaking water you should contact an emergency plumber right away. Rapid water leaks can cause catastrophic damage to property.

Is a leaking toilet considered an emergency? ›

Other major leaks: Washing machine hoses, toilet overflows, and even gas line leaks all constitute an emergency call.

What to do if pipe starts leaking? ›

Here are two different ways of tackling the problem.
  1. A Pencil and Duct Tape. This might sound crazy, but it is a very effective temporary fix. Use a sharp pencil, stick the tip of the lead into the hole. ...
  2. Seal The Leak With Epoxy Putty. For small holes or cracks in pipes, epoxy putty can seal off leaks temporarily.
25 Jun 2021

What is considered a water leak? ›

Water leaks can come from many sources, and all need different types of care. The technical definition of a leak is a gradual loss of liquid (in this case water) from a system. A leak, if left unattended, can cause serious damage to property and pipes, and eventually lead to worse leaks.

Who is responsible for leaks? ›

This means that as a property owner; you're responsible for the maintenance and repair of the pipes that supply water to your property. This includes all the pipes that run inside your home and outside too. For example, if there's a leak on the property boundary, then that is the homeowner's responsibility.

How do u unclog a toilet? ›

How to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger | The Home Depot - YouTube

What's a household emergency? ›

Ten common home emergencies include: power blackout or power failure. blocked toilet, pipe, or drain. broken or burst hot water system. damaged roof, gutter, or downpipe.

What constitutes an emergency? ›

An emergency is an urgent, sudden, and serious event or an unforeseen change in circumstances that necessitates immediate action to remedy harm or avert imminent danger to life, health, or property; an exigency.

When should you call a plumber for a leaky faucet? ›

Dripping faucets

If one of your faucets starts dripping at a faster rate, it might be coming from a crack in one of the pipes, but that's not always the case. Call a professional plumber to diagnose the problem. They will determine the causes such as water pressure build-up or if an old bracket needs to be replaced.

Is water leaking from the ceiling an emergency? ›

Water actively dripping down from the ceiling and leaving puddles on the floor is a roofing emergency. Until the roof is repaired the affected areas should be secured and/or evacuated to prevent slip and fall accidents. Disruptive leaks which lead to business downtime and losses should be addressed right away.

How serious is a water leak? ›

Ignored (or missed) leaks can potentially lead to higher water bills, water damage, or mold and mildew. If you discover any of these issues, you'll want to get them fixed right away before they can wreak havoc on your plumbing—and your home.

How much does it cost to fix a leaky toilet? ›

The national average materials cost to repair a leaky toilet is $18.55 per toilet, with a range between $17.36 to $19.75. The total price for labor and materials per toilet is $223.63, coming in between $202.77 to $244.49.

Is a leaking under the sink an emergency? ›

Is a leak an emergency? If you can see a leak, then it qualifies for emergency plumbing services, except for a small drip under the sink. That is a minor repair as long as you address sooner than later.


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