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Pure Flow Plumbing Coffs Harbour are the premier local plumbing company with over 21 years experience working within the plumbing and building industry.

Our success relies on our reputation for providing a friendly, reliable and transparent plumbing service that ensures a high quality of workmanship at competitive prices. We work for individuals, businesses, insurance companies, insurance builders, loss adjusters, property managers, property investors and developers.

Pure Flow Plumbing provides an Emergency 24-7 Service.

Your plumbing doesn't always conform to business hours. For this reason we provide an emergency 24-7 service should you have an emergency in your home or business.

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our success relies on our reputation.

In essence, Pure Flow Plumbing means high-quality workmanship coupled with responsive management and state-of-the art systems.

As a result, you can expect a great job, a great price and full transparency all the way. And don’t forget, we're available to help you 24/7, 365 days a year.

why choose

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pure flow plumbing COFFS HARBOUR

Pure Flow Plumbing provides a complete range of exceptional domestic and commercial plumbing services, including maintenance, repairs, gas fitting and consulting. Our responsive service begins with modern, custom-built management systems that deliver accurate and transparent job management and reporting. All booking, scheduling, reporting and billing is processed through a single online system that reduces paperwork and maximises focus on getting the job done.

The advantages to you, our customer, are many, here are a few examples:

Trackers in all our 9 vehicles ensures a prompt express service. Our office has large live TV monitors showing both job and vehicle locations to allow us to keep clients updated on ETA’s. This enables accurate and responsive job scheduling.

We stock vast amounts of stock in every vehicle and at our warehouse. The stock is monitored electronically and updated weekly via the plumber’s iPads. This ensures we always have all plumbing materials to hand.

We take before, after and update pictures of all jobs to give the customers as much information as possible. We also send a separate report with the invoice that details job information and pictures.

Police and Working with Children checks are carried out for all our staff as we work in aged-care and child-care facilities.

We provide extra training for staff for operating machinery, such as excavators, and we have a safety officer attend several toolbox safety meetings throughout the year to provide current advice on safety issues.

All jobs, past and present, are available at a touch of a button for all our plumbers on-site via their iPads. This ensures we have invaluable and immediate access to information on previous job attendances and job history.

our promise.

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We know finding a professional and trustworthy plumber in Coffs Harbour can be daunting. Here at Pure Flow Plumbing, we’ve been providing first-class plumbing services in the Coffs Harbour region for over 21 years. Our fleet of 9 fully equipped vehicles and professional plumbers are always ready to assist you 24/7.

We carry out all general domestic plumbing repairs, maintenance, design, upgrades and renovations for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. We also carry out all services for drainage, hot water, gas fitting, leak detection, roof and guttering repairs and rainwater tanks and pumps throughout the region.

gas fitting.


We carry out a wide range of professional and safe gas fitting and repairs in Coffs Harbour. We provide responsive and cost-effective domestic gas fitting services including repairs, pipe work servicing and installation of gas heaters, gas BBQ's, gas cookers and gas hot water heaters. In addition, these gas fitting services are available for both LPG and natural gas systems. For your complete safety, we also have specialist equipment to detect hard to find leaks.

Who doesn’t want the ease and comfort of instant heat throughout their home? Our gas fitting service can run additional gas pipe and install gas points throughout your property. In addition, this can extend to a handy gas point right up to your BBQ. Not to mention, gas hot water systems provide near economical instant hot water as soon as the tap is turned on and they don’t require a hot water system.

All out gasfitters are fully trained, insured and our work is guaranteed. Moreover, we won’t leave a mess and your home will be treated with respect.

drainage PLUMBER.

We provide a range of drainage services including new drain design and installation. This is applicable to a complete new home system or for home extensions.

For clearing of household blocked drains we use specialised drain clearing equipment to remove tree roots or other obstacles causing blockages. Specifically, our equipment consists of two trailer mounted high pressure drain machines, one electric eel, four CCTV drain cameras of different sizes and specialist pipe locating equipment. Finally, we also have a tip truck and excavator for replacement of pipes where required. In addition, we also carry out the installation of new drainage pipes for storm water and sewage systems.

From blocked toilets, sinks and showers to blocked main sewers, storm water lines and pits, we can repair and, if necessary, upgrade pipes quickly, whilst always guaranteeing our workmanship.

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We know finding a professional and trustworthy plumber in Coffs Harbour can be daunting. Our fleet of 9 fully equipped vehicles and professional plumbers are always ready to assist you 24/7.

We carry out all general domestic plumbing repairs, maintenance, design, upgrades and renovations for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. We also carry out all services for drainage, hot water, gas fitting, leak detection, roof and guttering repairs and rainwater tanks and pumps throughout the Coffs region.

We provide fully trained tradesman with the experience and know-how to identify and repair your plumbing issue quickly and professionally. Our management team utilises vehicle tracking and iPad reporting enabling us to quickly assign and deploy the most appropriate plumber to get your issue solved in the least time possible. If you need a plumber in Coffs Harbour that’s skilled, courteous, tidy and fully insured, then look no further.

hot water SYSTEM .

By installing a new energy-efficient hot water system in Coffs Harbour you’ll save on your power bill and you could receive a rebate from the government towards the purchase cost. The government are currently offering various rebates for households that change their hot water system in Coffs Harbour for a number of environmentally friendly systems. These include pumped hot water systems and solar hot water systems. Consequently, talk to use first and we’ll discuss your options to save you money.

For more information on the rebates that may be available, click here.

We carry out emergency hot water repairs, replacements, and diagnostics. We know it’s no fun when there’s no hot water so if you suspect your hot water system has failed, call us anytime for prompt action. One of our skilled hot water experts will be with you in a jiffy to sort the problem as quickly as possible. We always carry stock for a selection of replacement systems so we’re sure to have one to suit your needs and budget. Furthermore, we provide all services to both gas and electric systems.

Electric hot water systems typically account for more than one-third of home energy use in New South Wales. That's a huge chunk of your weekly budget. Consequently, our focus is to provide energy efficient systems that are cost effective. These include full solar hot water systems and pumped hot water systems in Coffs Harbour.

rain water.

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We’ve been supplying and installing rainwater tanks for many years. Our vast experience means we’re able to inspect and advise on the best type of harvesting system, water tank, pump and pipe configuration that’s best suited to your needs, both domestic and commercial. Clearly, a well designed water tank and harvesting system will maximise rainwater collection and minimise water waste.

We’re also happy to assist clients with gaining their maximum rebate according to state and federal schemes (whilst they are still available).

If you’re connected to town water, the great thing about collecting rainwater from your roof area is not only is it environmentally friendly but it can also save you money with a reduced water bill. A plentiful and free water supply for your garden is a real bonus. If you don’t have town water then it’s imperative to maximise the harvesting of rainwater. We can help with an efficient system design.

We supply and install all kinds of rainwater tanks in Coffs Harbour. These range from below ground concrete tanks to above ground Polyethylene tanks in a range of sizes and colours. In addition, slimline rainwater tanks are great for smaller gardens in town. They still have a reasonable capacity but take up less space. All our rainwater tanks come standard with a leaf strainer, overflow, outlet and gate valve. We can advise and install a water pump that’s appropriate for your situation.


We have the experience and skills to tackle any roofing and guttering issue.

We carry out repairs, maintenance and replacement of defective roof sheeting, guttering and down pipes for homes, garages, sheds and other domestic and commercial properties. In addition, because leaks are not always from an obvious source, we offer an expert leak detection and repair service.

The weather can sometimes get pretty wild here on the Coffs Coast causing substantial damage to roofs and guttering. A call to us means a fast response. Our skilled and licensed roofers will quickly repair or replace your damaged roof or guttering to minimise any further damage and get your property water-tight again. We work for insurance companies, insurance builders, loss adjusters, property managers, property investors and developers, individuals and businesses.

other services.

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Pure Flow Plumbing are experts at water leak detection. Obvious leaks like a dripping tap or shower head are annoying enough, but the hidden leaks can be a disaster. These might be from tiny holes in your roof, cracked pipes in your walls or underground leaks that, over time, can cause a lot of damage. Rest assured, we have the experience and the technology to locate and fix them quickly.

Even if a water leak is hidden, you can sometimes see the first signs of a problem. Look for any changes in the flow of your water through a given outlet. Dropping pressure could mean a leak somewhere in the line. Similarly, check for unexpected spikes in your water bill, damp, cold or warm spots near a potentially affected area, and any strange drips or puddles that appear out of nowhere. If you spot any of these signs or have any other reason to suspect a water leak, shut off your water supply and call in the trained experts at Pure Flow Plumbing straight away!


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