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Fashionable women’s shoes for the highest demands

With all our women’s shoes made of real leather, the claim is always the combination of the inimitable wearing comfort of Sioux shoes, the adaptation of the latest fashion trends and genuine craftsmanship. All our fashionable women’s shoes are handmade for you with great attention to detail. With its long experience in the world of shoes, Sioux has continuously optimized its own women’s shoes over the past decades. A collection team that travels the world’s fashion capitals during collection development adapts the latest trends and transforms them into the Sioux brand world. In 2018, Sioux was voted the most popular brand in the footwear category as confirmation of the work of recent years and maximum customer satisfaction. This is a great pleasure for us and does not mean, however, that we rest on our laurels, but encourages us to place customer satisfaction at the centre of our brand world in the future as well. Convince yourself of the unique fit, the art of shoemaking and the perfect materials. Order your new women’s shoes online today and be convinced of the quality.

The world of Sioux women’s shoes

In our world of women’s shoes, we offer women’s shoes that have been manufactured using a wide variety of manufacturing techniques. From moccasins and slippers to winter boots, our current collection includes a wide selection of different women’s shoes. Whether casual, elegant or sporty, we have the right ladies‘ shoe for every taste. The moccasin is at the centre of the collection. The moccasin as a ladies‘ shoe is deeply anchored in the DNA of Sioux. We, as inventors of women’s moccasins in Germany, have been manufacturing this ladies‘ shoe since its foundation in 1954 and are therefore absolute experts in this field. But we are not only experts in women’s moccasins, we are also experts in all other shoe styles available in our online shop. You will feel this right from the first steps in your new ladies‘ shoes. Whether moccasin, slipper, bootie, pump, lace-up shoe, low shoe, extra wide or oversize, Sioux ladies‘ shoes are the right choice for you.

Sioux women’s shoes directly from the manufacturer

You are here directly on the brand site of Sioux as a manufacturer. This means that you not only benefit from first-hand advice, but also have all the guarantee advantages and quality promises directly from us. If you have any problems, wishes or suggestions, you can contact the manufacturer directly. In addition to the service, our online shop offers you the largest selection of Sioux shoes in the world. Convince yourself of the large selection of moccasins, boots and much more. If you are inquisitive about anything to do with shoes or foot health, you will find all relevant first-hand information in our categories shoe knowledge and foot health. We are happy

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Comfortable ladies‘ shoes in all shoe widths and an expanded range of comfortable ladies‘ shoes in shoe width H

For the optimal comfort of a comfortable women’s shoe, the right shoe size and the optimal shoe size are particularly important. With our shoe widths, we have the optimum shoe width for every foot in our range of comfortable women’s shoes. Whether shoe size F, shoe size G or shoe size H, you will find different shoe types in all common shoe sizes. The shoe size F is ideally suited for narrower feet and provides a comfortable fit. The range of comfortable women’s shoes with shoe size H has been significantly expanded in the current collection. This is due to an increasing demand for comfortable women’s shoes for wider feet. Thus you benefit from the possibility to find fashionable everyday companions for your feet even with wider feet. The normal shoe size G, offers optimum toe clearance and maximum comfort to the normally wide feet. We strongly recommend that you choose the optimal shoe size for your new comfortable women’s shoes. Because if you do not choose this shoe width carefully, it can lead to pain and problems that you will be following for a long time to come. Choose from our large selection of different shoe sizes and give yourself and your foot the optimal comfort and sufficient toe clearance that it deserves. Find out here how you can easily determine your shoe width yourself.

Comfortable women’s shoes in all shoe sizes

In addition to the right shoe size, the right shoe size is especially important for the comfort of your new comfortable women’s shoes. Since many women have problems finding the right shoe size, we offer our comfortable women’s shoes not only as a whole but also in half sizes. By this fine division with the shoe sizes it is easier for you to find an optimally fitting comfortable lady shoe for the everyday life. So that you can also determine your own shoe size without problems, we recommend our shoe size table. With this shoe size table, the shoe size conversion for the purchase of your comfortable women’s shoes is child’s play. Here you can find out how you can easily measure the shoe size for your online purchase yourself.

Comfortable women’s shoes with special comfort elements

Most of our women’s shoes have removable insoles as a special comfort element. You can also use your own insole and adjust the comfortable footbed perfectly to your own foot. The removable insole is a very important argument for comfortable women’s shoes, especially from a health point of view. All our removable footbeds are covered with real leather and are equipped with an excellent joint-gentle suspension. Our removable footbeds are suitable for every occasion. Thus you have the possibility to equip your comfortable women’s shoes with a barefoot insole also in summer, which enables you to walk barefoot excellently. You can find out why walking barefoot is so important here. Another special comfort element for our comfortable women’s shoes is the particularly soft shoe leather. This shoe leather clings to the foot and supports it perfectly.


Comfortable women’s shoes made of the best shoe leather

We use only the best materials for each of our comfortable women’s shoes. We have been cooperating for several years with selected partners who meet our high standards. Particular attention is paid to the shoe leather in our comfortable women’s shoes. This shoe leather is the basis for every comfortable women’s shoe from our range. We pay particular attention to the origin of the shoe leather and only use by-products of slaughtering. Therefore no animal has to die because of our used shoe leather. This shoe leather enables maximum wearing comfort and an optimal fit with our comfortable women’s shoes. Due to the nature of the shoe leather, it also adapts to your own foot. Thus every comfortable women’s shoe is automatically optimized to your own shoe width.

Selected materials for our high-quality women’s shoes

This variety is continued in the materials used for Sioux women’s shoes. A particularly large number of high-quality suede leathers (also called suede or suede leather) are used. This suede adapts perfectly to its own fit and ensures maximum comfort due to the soft texture of suede. However, it does not matter which shoe leather we use in our high-quality women’s shoes. We always make sure that we only buy the best quality shoe leather. The demand on ourselves is always to offer high-quality women’s shoes with a perfect fit, paired with the latest trends and comfort. This is what makes our high-quality women’s shoes so popular. Our high-quality women’s shoes are meticulously crafted by hand, which explains the comfort and inimitable wearing comfort. However, this diversity does not stop with shoe leathers. We also work with a wide variety of high-quality materials for the soles of our shoes. From TPU, rubber soles and leather soles to real crepe soles, there is the right high-quality ladies‘ shoe for every taste. The rubber soles are particularly popular with our high-quality women’s shoes for the winter. The reason for this is that rubber soles protect the joints with a spring-loaded tread. In addition, the rubber sole is often used as a shoe sole, as it provides very good support in winter and is durable. Especially in summer our soles are exposed to great stress. Therefore, the rubber sole is often the preferred choice in summer. Whether you choose a rubber sole, crepe sole or leather sole, with our soles you can always rely on quality and durability.

Buy red, blue, black and brown comfortable women’s shoes online

With our Sioux women’s shoes you can choose from a wide range of different colours. No matter if you like it more classical or cheerful and playful. Our most popular shoes and shoe highlights come in the right colour for every taste. Brown and black women’s shoes are particularly popular in winter, as they are more resistant to soiling than colourful or light-coloured shoes. Especially on dry days or warm autumn evenings, however, we still recommend more courage to use colour. Especially the red and blue women’s shoes are absolutely trendy again this season. But we do not only have red, blue, black and brown comfortable women’s shoes. Our collection also offers comfortable women’s shoes in green, yellow or playful fantasy leather. Especially our colourful comfortable ladies shoes are a real eyecatcher for your outfit. We will be happy to advise you on the choice of the right colour and the right model.

Comfortable women’s shoes with optimal soles

Also of great importance for the high comfort of our comfortable women’s shoes is the excellent equipment with the matching shoe sole. In addition to genuine high-tech materials that provide maximum cushioning and perfect wearing comfort, we also use genuine leather soles. These leather soles are mainly used for the most exclusive women’s shoes in comfortable women’s shoes. Our comfortable women’s shoes with real crepe soles are a real speciality from Sioux. These real crepe soles are only used by the fewest shoe manufacturers, because they are very expensive. But for our comfortable women’s shoes we still use real natural crepe from ecological cultivation. These shoe soles made of natural crepe are especially popular with our comfortable men’s shoes, as they optimally support the foot’s own rolling motion. Convince yourself of the unique wearing properties of this unique natural material and choose models with genuine natural crepe soles for your comfortable women’s shoes.

High-quality women’s shoes – whether moccasins, boots or low shoes for women

Our shoe highlights cover the entire Sioux collection. That’s why you have an extremely wide selection of different styles when buying Sioux women’s shoes. In this category you will find comfort shoes for women, which combine the unique wearing comfort with the latest fashion. Sioux is known as a moccasin specialist across national borders. Therefore, the moccasins for women in particular are in the focus of this category. But we can do far more than moccasins for ladies. In addition to the moccasin, our shoe highlights also include women’s boots, ladies‘ low shoes and boots for particularly cold days. You are guaranteed to find the right model among our most popular shoes. Order today from our large selection of moccasins, boots and low shoes for women and convince yourself of the unique quality and inimitable wearing comfort of Sioux shoes.


Buy the comfortable women’s shoes directly from Sioux and get the best advice

If you decide to buy Sioux women’s shoes directly from us as a manufacturer, this will bring you many advantages. On the one hand you have the guarantee that these are original brand products and on the other hand you enjoy a unique service. If, for example, you are unsure which Sioux women’s shoe you would like to order online, our customer service will be happy to help you. The trained staff can respond optimally to your wishes and ideas. Since no one knows the shoes as well as we do as a manufacturer, you have the guarantee that you will receive first-hand information about our shoe highlights. We will also be happy to advise you on the optimum combination options for our comfortable women’s shoes. We will also be happy to advise you on the individual advantages of the different designs. Whether moccasin topseller, boat best-seller, low-shoe best-seller, boot best-seller or slipper best-seller, we know the characteristics of every style and can therefore support you optimally when buying our comfortable women’s shoes. Besides the design, the choice of the right colour is one of the biggest problems for many customers. The large selection of comfortable women’s shoes in black, brown, blue, red or brighter colours means that many customers can no longer see the forest for the trees. Exactly in this situation we can support you and assist you in the optimal colour selection.

Comfortable women’s shoes for the autumn

In the selection of our women’s shoes you will find a large variety of different models for the autumn. These autumn shoes for women are very popular with customers because of their casual look on colder days. The difference to the winter shoes is that the women’s autumn shoes are not lined and the soles have a finer profile than the winter shoes. Nevertheless, the women’s autumn shoes are lined somewhat warmer than the summer shoes and are characterised by easier-care materials. You can find out which autumn shoes are particularly popular this autumn in our magazine. A tip from Sioux are the variants with genuine natural crepe soles for women’s autumn shoes. These soles offer an inimitable wearing comfort and develop a unique patina over the course of time, which makes every autumn shoe unique for women.

Buy winter shoes for women online

Are you looking for women’s shoes for the winter, which you can wear on various occasions? Then you’ve come to the right place. In our online shop you can buy winter shoes for women online. We have the ideal winter shoes for women in all weathers. Whether on a rainy day in October or an icy day with freezing cold in December, our large selection of winter shoes for women has the right shoe for every taste and occasion. For wet days we recommend winter shoes with the unique Sioux-Tex membrane. This high-tech material has been specially developed by our experts for just one purpose – to keep your feet dry. This high-tech material is used in a large number of our winter shoes for women. The models are marked with the Sioux-Tex logo. Moisture cannot penetrate through the membrane from outside. Nevertheless, the moisture produced by the foot can escape to the outside and your foot climate remains optimal.

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Winter shoes for women with lambskin or warm lining

In the cold days of winter it is important not to get cold feet. Therefore we offer our winter shoes for women with different lining materials. From genuine leather lining, to warming textile lining for the transition period, to fluffy soft lambskin lining. Especially for the cold days we have equipped many of our lady boots and lady booties with particularly warm shoe lining. The warm fur lining for the winter is very popular with our women’s shoes due to their excellent heat and fluid transport properties. Even more popular on particularly cold days, however, is the high-quality lining made of genuine lambskin. These women’s shoes with lambskin are the perfect winter shoes. The warming and comfortable fit of the lambskin makes this lining material ideal for women’s shoes in winter.

Buy cheap women’s shoes online

That women’s shoes can be cheap and therefore inexpensive, but they are not cheap women’s shoes for a long time yet, we prove in our sale area. In this sale area you can easily order cheap women’s shoes online. All of our cheap women’s shoes have no flaws or other errors, the reason why you can buy the shoes in our sale area so cheap that only a few sizes are available, or the models belong to discontinued models of the pre-season. That’s why our women’s shoes are so cheap in the sale area, but by no means cheap.

Comfortable women’s shoes for every budget

In our category of women’s shoes you will find comfortable women’s shoes for every budget. Whether you are looking for an especially exclusive model and are willing to spend more money for it or are looking for cheap brand shoes, we have the perfect comfortable ladies‘ shoe for every taste. We pay attention to an optimal price-performance ratio for each of our comfortable women’s shoes and always offer you the perfect quality. Comfortable women’s shoes made by hand. Don’t wait long and convince yourself today of the unique wearing comfort in our comfortable women’s shoes. You’re gonna love it. Promised. If you are ever dissatisfied and would prefer a different pair of women’s shoes afterwards, we will be happy to support you with the trouble-free return shipment and with the handling of the return. More information about our brand and products can be found here.

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